Photoblog: Garcia Marquez on Liverpool’s Literary Pavement

Liverpool Central Library

Yesterday I paid my first visit to the newly-refurbished Liverpool Central Library, which reopened in May after a total makeover and the installation of, among other things, a giant X-Box. The national focus this year has been on Birmingham’s library abandoning its much-loved brutalist ziggurat to re-emerge as the shiny new Library of Birmingham. Liverpool took a different approach, twinning the fabulous high Victorian spaces of the Picton reading room and Hornby library with the bright new central space (and, yes, X-Box). Here’s what I loved: in order to reach the library entrance from William Brown Street, you must first cross Liverpool’s literary pavement – and look! right there in the middle, with its original Spanish title, is Gabriel García Márquez’s blockbuster Cien años de soledad, which I was especially tickled to see nestled beneath one of my favourite books of all time, Memorials of Liverpool, first published in 1875 by Sir James Picton (of reading room fame), which in turn is tucked just underneath Winnie the Pooh.

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